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Who We Are:

The person in charge of 2B Consulting Services is an experienced professional with extensive expertise in leading growth initiatives and improving business processes at Fortune 500 firms such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Hewlett Packard, and Unilever. Thanks to our varied backgrounds, we have a worldwide view and a thorough comprehension of the difficulties faced by companies of all sizes, especially startups and SMBs.

What We Do Best:

We utilize a distinct set of abilities that includes:

  • Sales & Marketing: Developing and implementing winning strategies to unlock new markets and maximize customer engagement.
  • Data Analysis & Visualization: Transforming complex data into actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making.
  • Process Improvement: Identifying inefficiencies and streamlining workflows to boost productivity and agility.

Expertise and Enthusiasm Unite:

Our team includes prominent Google Workspace experts once known as the “Google Gurus” at a client’s European headquarters. Because of their devotion, we thoroughly comprehend how Google Sheets and similar products may improve teamwork and efficiency.

Our staff members have lived and worked in several different countries, so they have a genuine appreciation for cultural diversity and a global perspective on local issues. Strong client-provider relationships and the capacity to tailor solutions to individual requirements are outcomes of this.

Results You Can Rely On:

Our staff has led numerous successful initiatives throughout their time at major organizations, such as:

  • Oversaw the smooth redesign of a product range with more than 7,500 SKUs at Mactac Europe.
  • Supervise the data integration process during a company purchase to ensure it runs well.
  • Reducing the burden and giving the sales staff more authority was the goal of using a simplified pricing strategy.
  • Developing interactive sales assistance solutions to streamline the quote generation process.

Strengthening Your Company:

We firmly believe in the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach. Through individualized coaching and the establishment of productive workflows with Google Workspace (Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Keep), Notion, and Dolibarr, we enable your team to reduce time wastage and maximize output.

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