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Your Guide to Google Workspace, Notion & Dolibarr

Welcome to the 2B Consulting Services blog! We show businesses, especially SMBs & startups, how to leverage Google Workspace, Notion, and Dolibarr to boost productivity, agility, and collaboration. Explore our articles to unlock the power of this winning trio and transform your teamwork!
Robotic Process Automation

The Rise of Robotic Process Automation

Unlock the potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to revolutionize your operations. From finance to healthcare, RPA is transforming industries. Explore our customized RPA solutions on our Services page and embark on a journey of efficiency and growth. Let’s streamline your processes and drive innovation together.

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Notion SOP Best Practices

Notion SOP best practices

Boost your startup’s efficiency with Notion SOP best practices. This guide covers creating, automating, and managing standard operating procedures for seamless growth

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